Ripley Projects Moving Forward

Ripley has received a $50,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Development.  It will be used to pay for engineering and test borings for the Rankin Hill Road and Main Street Slip projects which will help move those efforts forward. 

The Rankin Hill Road project has already received funding committments from the Ohio Department of Development and the Brown County Commissioners.  This testing is necessary to determine how much the project will actually cost and how quickly it can be done.  This work is scheduled to take place on May 25.

The Main Street Slip project will allow us to determine how quickly the hill is slipping on the south side and if further work is needed to stablize the road to prevent any sudden slippage.  This work is scheduled to take place on May 26.

In addition, engineers will be in the village on May 22-24 doing test borings at the Freedom Landing site.  

The village is very pleased to see all of these projects moving forward.