Training and Hard Work Pay off

This fire could have been much worse, but years of hard work, leadership and training by professionals in the village paid off with no loss of life.
Our fire department was on the scene in six minutes and the fire was under control ten minutes after that. That is an amazing accomplishment. There are not enough words to express how proud we are of the men of our fire department.
The fire hydrant in front of the building had been recently inspected and was in good working order. It was ready when lives were at stake. In fact, all 130 hydrants in the village were working in June. Since then, two have been identified for repair.
After years of neglect, the expectation of Mayor Nowana Bingaman when she took office was that all hydrants would be repaired and ready when needed. The hard work of the men in our water department over the past year made that expectation a reality.
Thanks to the leadership of Mayor Bingaman, Fire Chief Tony Pfeffer and everyone who responded to the fire scene last night, nobody was hurt.
The village salutes you all.